10 Views You Won’t Believe Are In West Virginia

September 8, 2023

Almost Heaven is home to an abundance of unbelievable views, natural wanders and incredible vantage points. Longing for an incredible escape or out-of-this-world oasis? Just come visit one of these ten views that you won’t believe are in West Virginia.

Cranny Crow Overlook

Take a trip to Lost River State Park for a rewarding hike up the mountain to Cranny Crow Overlook. Here, the 2-mile climb pays off with spanning views at nearly 3,000 feet above sea level. Look out upon three West Virginia counties and two Virginia counties below. Enjoy a snack, sit down and take a break in the stone hut or snag a photo on one of the new Almost Heaven swings.

Thorny Mountain Fire Tower

Find yourself feeling like you’re in a dream when standing in the Thorny Mountain Fire Tower, nestled in solitude, surrounded by Seneca State Forest. Standing 65 feet high, this structure provides jaw-dropping panoramic sights of the sunrise and sunset. Even more amazing, guests are able to book the fire tower for an overnight stay. Be sure to book up to a year in advance, though. Reservations fill up fast!

Spruce Knob

Spruce Knob, the highest point in West Virginia, boasts nothing but stellar sights all year long. Take breaths of fresh mountain air while hiking or biking the area’s available 75 miles of spruce-lined trails, many of which lead to astonishing overlooks. Climb up the Spruce Knob Observation Tower to catch 360-degree panoramic views at nearly 5,000 feet high.

Fayette Station

Travel back in time with the winding drive down Fayette Station Road, the only optional route before the New River Gorge Bridge was built in 1977. Follow the one-hundred-year-old road through hairpin turns to the bottom of the gorge and gaze upon the impressive structure above. Cross the narrow bridge and venture up the other side of the canyon to explore communities of years-gone-by.


The Point

One of the best views in the state’s Eastern Panhandle, The Point in Harpers Ferry National Historical Park is a fairly difficult hike that roosts above the dividing lines of West Virginia, Maryland and Virginia. Get a glimpse of the spot where the stunning Potomac and Shenandoah rivers meet and feel the cool breeze lifting from the waters even that high up.

Seneca Rocks

One of the state’s most well-known landmarks, Seneca Rocks, has become a beloved destination amongst rock climbers worldwide. Ascending nearly 900 feet, this magnificent formation can be reached with a fearless scale up the side or with a 1.3-mile uphill hike. For those more comfortable on the ground, the Seneca Rocks Discovery Center also provides a majestic view of the rocks with no climb required.

Elakala Falls

One of the lesser-known falls home to Blackwater Falls State Park, Elakala Falls is tucked within what feels like an enchanted and magical forest. The series of four falls features waters stained from hemlock and red spruce needles pouring over staggered rock steps and can be discovered with a short footpath. A stop on the West Virginia Waterfall Trail, a check-in to this gem could earn you exclusive waterfall trail gear.

Lindy Point Overlook

Also home to Blackwater Falls State Park, Lindy Point Overlook has quickly become one of the most photographed places in the entire state. The epitome of short but sweet, this flat route leads to a spectacular sight, overlooking Blackwater Canyon at 2,700 feet above. Stand on the wooden viewing platform to get a little higher or find a perch on the rocks as the sun goes down behind the mountains. In winter, you can even cross-country ski to the overlook.


Bickle Knob Observation Tower

Visitors of the majestic Monongahela National Forest should make their way just past the Stuart Recreation Area to the Bickle Knob Observation Tower. This tower provides 360-degree views of Randolph County that will take your breath away.

Long Point Overlook

When at the New River Gorge National Park and Preserve, taking Long Point Trail is a must-do. Trek through field and forest and end at a rock outcrop with the most unique vantage point of the New River Gorge bridge in the distance. Mountain bikes are permitted up until the last 0.2 miles of the trail.

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