4 Unexpected Winter Activities in West Virginia

December 18, 2023

We hope you plan to embark on a snowy hike or have the urge to dust off your favorite snowboard, but there are also other adventures to add to your winter bucket list. You will be pleasantly surprised by these unique ways to get outside this season. From soaring snowy skies on a zipline to walking across the longest single-arch bridge in the Western Hemisphere, Almost Heaven has memories ready for you to claim as your own.

Here are four unexpected winter activities that are a must-try in Almost Heaven.


Ziplining in West Virginia is an adventure you will always remember. You will get a birds-eye view of the State’s most mountainous regions – which have landscapes that are harder to see during the summer.

At the New River Gorge National Park and Preserve, Adventures on the Gorge has its TreeTops course that lets you soar through the skies on zips ranging from 180 to 640 feet in length. You’ll also walk across four sky bridges and drop down a 35-foot rappel.

For even more New River Gorge expeditions, ACE Adventure Resort reveals unobstructed views of the New River Gorge. Canopy tour packages are available all year round, and you won’t want to miss a chance to see this national park while the trees are bare.

If you’re in the Eastern Panhandle, take a scenic zipline tour at River Riders, Inc. You’ll glide alongside and even over the Potomac River, with zips varying from 200 to 1,000 feet in length. Several suspension bridge crossings, a 25-foot free fall and belayed ladder climbs also contribute to an epic two-three hours of winter adventure.


Biking in the Mountain State is a thrill made easy with an array of terrain and biking trails for you to choose from. Kanawha State Forest, located just 10 miles away from the capital city of Charleston, is a scenic option as there are more than 30 miles of trails scattered across 9,000 acres.

Arrowhead Bike Farm, just outside of downtown Fayetteville, is another option for some snowy mountain biking. There is an equipment shop for all your bike needs, as well as food and beer for you to enjoy after a day on the trail.

Waterfall Hunting

Waterfalls can be explored any time of the year, but having a blanket of powdery snow as the backdrop only adds to the mountain magic. Blackwater Falls in Davis is famous for its rugged beauty and 57-foot drop. The “black” water really stands out when there is snow, as tannic acid from fallen hemlock and red spruce needles give the cascades it’s distinctive appearance.

Elakala Falls is a series of four waterfalls found within Blackwater Falls State Park. Follow the Elakala Trail from the Blackwater Falls Lodge and enjoy the winter scenery.

Cathedral Falls in Gauley Bridge is one of the most photographed waterfalls in West Virginia. Watch water plummet 60 feet from the top into a rocky pool below, creating a fantasy-like atmosphere. To see even more snow-covered rock sentiments, head to Valley Falls State Park in Marion County for the beautiful Valley Falls. See bubbly white water weave between angular rock formations following a dramatic 10-foot drop.

Waterfall Wanderer Tip: With these waterfalls and many others included on the West Virginia Waterfall Trail, check in at each location for a chance to win exclusive West Virginia prizes!

Bridge Walking

An activity you won’t find anywhere else is the BridgeWalk at the New River Gorge Bridge. Catwalk across the 3,030-foot-long bridge with a view that makes you feel like you have wings. Your tour will be led by an experienced guide who will share the bridge’s history as well as many fun facts. Tours are given daily and typically last about two hours. Throughout the halfway point, you’ll even get a chance to take a seat and dangle your feet in the air – 851 feet above the New River!

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