A Ride Through Clarksburg, WV With The Davisson Brothers

July 19, 2023

Written by The Davisson Brothers

Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center

If you are in the downtown area of Clarksburg, WV, we highly recommend taking in a show, concert, or movie at one of our state’s most historic attractions – The Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center. The vibe you get just by walking in the place is reason enough to make the stop. Built in the early 1900’s, it takes you on a stroll back in time. From the old cameras on display to a bullet hole in the ticket booth, there’s a lot of character. The dressing rooms give you a feel of being in NYC. As kids, we remember watching our first movies and making our first stage appearances there. We also may have been forced to watch our cousin’s dance recital there!  As of recently, the RGPAC has been bringing in some of the nation’s top acts.

D’Annunzio’s Italian Bakery

Can you smell that smell?! Coming from an Italian family, we have to talk about food. The smells from D’Annunzio’s Bakery that filled the streets we played in as kids cannot be captured in words. Do yourself a favor and make a stop here while visiting. They are best known for their authentic pepperoni roll which can’t be beat. We also recommend their thick-crust bread – think toasted bread with mayo and a big slice of garden tomato. As native Clarksburg folks, it is tradition to stop in on Sunday mornings and get a dozen pepperoni rolls right out of the oven. Insider tip: make sure you ask them not to be individually bagged. Fun fact: pepperoni rolls were invented to give the coal miners substantial food to take underground.

Pete Dye Golf Club

This golf club is one of the most unique golf courses in the nation. It was designed by Pete Dye himself; he had a vision to transform a coal mine into a golf course. As you pull up to the gates, you are greeted with mining memorabilia from the past. We definitely are better guitar players than golfers; we prefer to take our fishing poles and fish the beautiful ponds there. You can imagine the looks we get. The restaurant has some of the best food and wait staff in the state.

Poling’s Dairy King

This place is a hidden gem off the beaten path. As kids, we grew up working the Poling Dairy Farm in southern Harrison County. The Poling family are 4th generation dairy farmers. They are either working on their farm or at their Dairy King. The Poling Dairy King is seasonal and opens up in the Spring and stays open until early Fall. Their ice cream is made fresh on the spot. And, of course, we recommend their pepperoni roll with cheese, sauce and peppers. Be sure to grab some extra napkins and dress accordingly because the seating is all outdoors. Enjoy your ice cream along with the picture-perfect view of an Appalachian holler and hillside. Maybe you’ll see some deer or WV’s other wildlife.

Oliverio Peppers

Oliverio Peppers stands with the best original food products from West Virginia. We take and ship these peppers all over the world. There is nothing like showing up to an event with these one-of-a-kind peppers as gifts. We can’t imagine life without a jar or two of Oliverio Peppers in the fridge. Remember those D’annunzio pepperoni rolls we talked about earlier? Throw some of these peppers on them!

Kelly’s 2.0

For both the daytime folks and the late-nighters, this is Clarksburg’s hotspot. We give this experience a 10-star rating. This family-run business is spot on with their service and friendly work staff. They take pride in making you feel like family. Their food and drinks are first class. You might also catch some live music from local and regional music acts.

Meet The Davisson Brothers

The Davisson Brothers were born and raised in Clarksburg, WV. Their roots run even deeper being direct descendants of Major Daniel Davisson who founded and discovered Harrison County, VA, which is now known as Clarksburg, WV.

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