Give These Thrilling Adventures a Try in the New River-Greenbrier Valley

February 27, 2024

Exciting West Virginia-exclusive adventures await you in the New River-Greenbrier Valley. From whitewater rafting to exploring underground wonders, Almost Heaven is sure to unlock your adrenaline in the most thrilling ways.

Enjoy the Mountain State’s lush scenery and fascinating history by adding these adventures to your list of must-dos while in this beautiful travel region.

Water Adventures

West Virginia is home to the highest density of whitewater runs in the United States. Explore different intensities of rapids on the New River – ranging from Class I to Class V. Outdoor enthusiasts and new explorers alike enjoy planning world-class whitewater rafting adventures with ACE Adventure Resort and Adventures on the Gorge.

ACE also has its signature water park, which features two 40-foot-tall waterslides, two zip lines, an obstacle course, 50 inflatable toys and complimentary hiking and biking trail access points. Enjoy this thrilling, quirky water park with the whole family.

Catwalk of a Lifetime

To witness the 876-foot-high New River Gorge Bridge at new heights, get ready for the legendary Bridge Walk. This tour offers some of the most scenic views of this national park, and you’ll be educated by a knowledgeable tour guide who shares the history of the bridge. At about the halfway point on your journey across the bridge, you will get a chance to relax and even dangle your feet in the air!

Hillside Hiking

There are more than 1,500 miles of serene hiking trails in West Virginia, and you’ll find plenty of those miles here. From brisk hikes to multi-day treks, West Virginia has a trail for everyone. The 78-mile Greenbrier River Trail near Lewisburg is certainly a lengthy, scenic journey, which makes this a popular choice among mountain bikers and campers.

A hike that’s enjoyed by new and experienced hikers alike is Long Point Trail at the New River Gorge National Park and Preserve, which reveals a stunning view of the New River Gorge Bridge at the end. The nearby 2.4-mile Endless Wall Trail and 1.6-mile Grandview Rim Trail also boast stunning views of the New River Gorge. The Stone Cliff Trail near Thurmond, measuring at 2.7 miles, is another scenic option for adventurers looking for a soothing, relatively easy trek.


Soar the skies with the New River Gorge as your backdrop with ACE Adventure Resort. Choose from canopy tour packages throughout the year and hop from tree to tree. Tours last between three and four hours, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the surrounding scenery. Since canopy tours are active all year round, you can zip through the region in all four seasons.

Adventures on the Gorge keeps their TreeTops Zipline tour open all year round as well – with the course letting you coast along zips from 190 to 640 feet long.

Underground Excursions

Historic wonders beneath the rolling hills await your curiosity. In Lewisburg, Lost World Caverns descend 120 feet below the Earth’s surface, offering self-guided tours around a half-mile loop. The journey takes approximately 45 minutes, with the cave remaining at a constant 52 degrees all year round. You will gaze over remarkable formations, including the Snowy Chandelier, a 30-ton stalactite, and the War Club, a 28-foot stalagmite. For more avid, experienced cave adventurers, Haynes Cave in Monroe County was formerly used for saltpeter mining and boasts a challenging journey to the end.

Experience a one-of-a-kind tour of the mysterious underground bunker below the West Virginia Wing of The Greenbrier. Constructed in 1961 as a U.S. government relocation facility for Congress, The Greenbrier Bunker was a Cold War secret up until its exposure in 1992. Today, it is open for all visitors to get a peak behind the curtain, revealing the resort’s unique history.

Still have some adrenaline you need to burn off? Explore more thrilling adventures that are featured in our free West Virginia Vacation Guide.

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