Maryland Civil Rights

Maryland Civil Rights

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Dee Jenkins pointing to 100 W. All Saints Street in Frederick.

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The struggle for Black civil rights in Maryland created a legacy of lasting change that shaped the nation. As Black Marylanders faced discrimination throughout Jim Crow segregation, they organized, resisted injustice and were victorious in fighting for their rights. Students and adults, men and women, and people young and old demonstrated and fought in courtrooms and on picket lines, challenging the “separate but equal” doctrine. Maryland is the proud birthplace of civil rights leaders Thurgood Marshall, Verda M.F. Welcome, Gloria Richardson, Clarence Mitchell, Jr. and countless others. Embark on a journey through Maryland during The Year of Civil Rights and discover the sites and learn the stories of activism and heroism by well-known leaders and everyday people.


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Admire the courageous journeys of those who fought for civil rights, and honor their lasting legacies.

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Cambridge was the first and only city in the nation to conduct a referendum on the desegregation of public accommodations during the Civil Rights Movement. It also has the distinction of being the place where the Cambridge Nonviolent Action Committee (CNAC) was formed by civil rights leader Gloria Richardson.

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