Nature Retreats MN

Nature Retreats MN
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Wed, 05/01/2024 – 12:05

Nature retreats MN is only 1 hour north of the St. Paul-Minneapolis area, right in the heart of the Minnesota wilderness. Enjoy each of Mark’s favorite hot spots or just relax in camp and enjoy the on-site bird watching trail and wildlife viewing area.

Simply unload your rig, put your feet up and relax in the woods. Or better yet, head out for some well deserved fun then come back and relax in your own private campsite.

Within a short drive from your camp you will find great fishing, wildlife photography, four-wheeling, hunting, biking, sightseeing, kayaking, tubing, hiking and more. Enjoy exploring incredible wilderness areas that most people in Minnesota don’t even know exist. Let our years of wildlife exploration be your guide!


Places to Stay
Northeast Minnesota
Northeast Minnesota
POINT (-93.130235 45.848459)

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