Porcupine Prance Dance Class at the Zoo

Porcupine Prance Dance Class at the Zoo
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Fri, 05/24/2024 – 11:25

Ever want to dance at the Zoo? Well… we’re offering our first ever dance class at the zoo!! For kids ages 3-9 we’re going to move and groove at the zoo. With the help of instructors from Tippi Toes, we’re going to learn some fun new dance moves and shake your wild side! Friday, June 21st at 11:00am, the class will last 30-45 minutes in our new Lions Den. The cost is only $35 per dancer. Make sure you get registered today!


June 21, 2024

4 p.m. to 45 a.m.


Porcupine Prance Dance Class at the Zoo

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