Relax and Recharge With a Trip to the Eastern Panhandle in Almost Heaven

West Virginia’s Eastern Panhandle boasts relaxation amongst charming communities and breathtaking scenery. The setting radiates with historic wonder and peaceful surroundings that bring you closer to Almost Heaven.

This season, escape the hustle and bustle amid these three quaint towns in the Eastern Panhandle for a rejuvenating experience you will cherish for years to come.

Treats in Martinsburg

Nestled in Berkeley County, Martinsburg is where 19th-century culture meets modernized attractions for a tranquil getaway. Have you ever experienced Halotherapy with 100% Himalayan natural salt? Check it out at the Touch of Grace Spa and Salt Cave. Guests are provided an assortment of massages and wellness treatments for a transformative experience from the inside out.

If you’re a confections lover, step inside DeFluri’s Fine Chocolates. You will marvel over the fascinating production process as you browse through the factory. A staggering 18 feet of candy cases welcome you with an array of homemade delectable treats, including truffles, caramels, crunches and more. If you’re in the mood for a drink, take a sip at the Black Draft Distillery. This distillery produces every brew you could possibly want including Straight Bourbon Whiskey, First Harvest Moonshine, Hannisville Straight Rye Whiskey, Black Draft Vodka, Rise & Shine Coffee Vodka and much more.

Berkeley Springs Rejuvenation

Berkeley Springs is home to serene excursions and historic wonders. This town is an ideal destination to unwind and recharge thanks to its healing thermal waters and unique spas.

You won’t want to miss a trip to Berkeley Springs State Park, a hallmark of the town with something for everyone. The park is fully equipped with an outdoor pool, public tap for spring water, open spring pools, a Roman Bath House and an eccentric mineral spa for some premium relaxation. Minutes away, you will find 6,000 acres of gorgeous greenery amid Cacapon Resort State Park. Friends and family alike are welcome to explore thrilling outdoor activities and luxurious accommodations. With plenty of rental cabin styles available at your choosing, you’re sure to find the getaway of your dreams.

Charles Town Action and Relaxation

Charles Town in Jefferson County combines past and present traditions to create an enthralling atmosphere. Tee off at the Locust Hill Golf Course in its purest form. With 18 holes scattered across 35 acres of gorgeous lakes, ponds and streams, Locust Hill will reconnect you with nature during every swing.

Discover excitement and relaxation all under one roof with a visit to the Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races. A deluxe resort, Event Center and some enriching dining await your company. Hit the jackpot and retire to the lavish room of your choice. The roaring 20s live on through luxurious accommodations at The Hillbrook Inn. This hotel is the epitome of excellence, from fine dining to incomparable spa services and special events. Expect to be treated to a well-deserved rest from head to toe after your exciting day.

Only Found in the Eastern Panhandle of #AlmostHeaven

There are plenty of ways to relax and rejuvenate in the Eastern Panhandle. Request our free West Virginia Vacation Guide to find out how you can extend your dream getaway!

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