Spice Up Your Fall at These Almost Heaven Coffee Shops

October 30, 2023

As temperatures begin to descend, having a few sips of hot coffee will elevate your inner fall spirit. A walk along the streets of Almost Heaven reveals some of the best local coffee shops you’ll ever encounter. Find your favorite fall flavors at these cozy spots and enjoy the Mountain State’s take on autumn brews.

Otter Cafe

Coffee, tea, lattes, cappuccinos, espressos and smoothies are just a few options at Otter Cafe (inside the Otter & Oak outdoor apparel store) for you to get a taste of some of the best flavors in Summers County. Warm yourself up with a classic Americano, or satisfy your sugar cravings with a double chocolate chip frappe. There’s a drink for every occasion and coffee lover this season.

Honeybee Coffee & Donut House

Located in Summersville, Honeybee Coffee & Donut House has a special treat for everybody. Even if you are not an avid coffee drinker, you should try their chai teas, strawberry banana smoothies and piña coladas – some of many fan-favorite options. As the name suggests, you will be greeted by a wide selection of donuts and pastries. While sipping and snacking, you’ll enjoy the honeybee-themed decor.

The Joe

When you make a stop at Fairmont in Marion County this fall, it’s only fair that you treat yourself and your friends to The Joe. Imagine walking into the aroma of freshly-grounded espresso beans and a selection of signature wraps, gourmet soups, french toast and farm-fresh salads. You can even plan a visit here for Taco Tuesday – which you won’t want to miss. The Joe is a jack of all trades in the coffee and food sector, or in this case, a Joe of all trades.

Honeycomb Cafe Bramwell

For the perfect unity of all things coffee as well as breakfast, brunch, pizza and many homemade snacks, Honeycomb Cafe Bramwell in McDowell County is your ticket. Indulge in some of Honeycomb’s most popular seasonal coffee drinks and different types of cream cheese danishes, crunch whoopies, apple turnovers, cinnamon rolls, pizzas, pepperoni rolls and so much more. No matter what you’re craving this fall, Honeycomb Cafe Bramwell will have you feeling festive.

The Grind

When you’re in Mountaineer Country, you’ll most certainly want to get a cup at The Grind in Ripley. You can choose from nearly 30 different types of specialty coffees. Some of the local favorites include the Night Lightening, Milky Way Lightning, Samoa Cold Brew, Tiramisu Cold Brew and more. You can also try their specialty lemonades, teas, bagels, Liege waffles and flatbreads. You may be overwhelmed by the enormous selection of delicious options, but you will be soothed by every sip of your top pick.

Taylor Books

Fill your mind with words while fueling your caffeine cravings at Taylor Books in Charleston. This independent bookstore, coffee shop and art gallery is a staple on Capitol Street. You can expect anything from your traditional old-fashioned cup of joe to seasonal specials. If you’re craving a snack, sink your teeth into their homemade sandwiches, quiche, salmon & cheese plates and much more. Taylor Books is another reason to get excited about fall flavors in Almost Heaven.

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