Stay Cool this Summer with the Newest Additions to West Virginia’s Waterfall Trail

May 18, 2023

If you’re looking for last minute additions to this summer’s bucket list, you’re in luck. Nine stunning waterfalls have been added to the West Virginia Waterfall Trail just in time for you to explore this summer. Recognized by Travel + Leisure, the West Virginia Waterfall Trail has many adventures waiting for you.

Westerly Falls

Westerly, WV   ●   37.99284, -81.32526

Westerly Falls is a charming, short-dropped waterfall spanning Paint Creek in Fayette County. With water plummeting from 7 feet high, Westerly Falls is one of the more subtle yet dynamic falls in West Virginia. Even during extended droughts, water flow is strong and full of life. Lower water levels mean higher chances of exploring the waterfall from unique perspectives – making this site a favorite among those seeking a new adventure. Tackle the short and moderately steep walk from the roadside pull-off to creek level for a closer view.

Pipestem Falls

Pipestem, WV   ●   37.54853, -80.95977

With a 30+ foot drop on Pipestem Creek, Pipestem Falls is a hidden gem located along Route 20, approximately 11 miles south of the historic town of Hinton. Follow the wooden steps by the pull-off and let the sound of the roaring waters guide the way, as the summer leaves hide the falls from the road. This unique cascade is the perfect addition to any road trip through beautiful southern West Virginia.

Falls Mill

Falls Mill, WV   ●   38.77423, -80.55353

Just off U.S. Route 19 on Pleasant Hill Road in Braxton County is a picturesque and wide waterfall spanning the entire width of the Little Kanawha River: Falls Mill. Enjoy the view from the roadside overlook to catch a truly panoramic snapshot of this expansive waterfall.

Parkinson’s Waterfall

Bethany, WV   ●   40.20719, -80.56006

Nestled in Bethany College’s leafy and historic campus, Parkinson’s Waterfall is a familiar feature to students and a delightful surprise for visitors. Make your way along Campus Drive until you come upon a trailhead sign near the Steinman Fine Arts Center, marking the Waterfall Trail. The Waterfall Trail and Sutton Trail form a loop that is approximately one mile long. On the walk to the falls you will find yourself amid Parkinson Forest, an old-growth forest teeming with sugar maples, American beeches and several white oak trees that are over 200 years old.

Mann’s Creek Falls

Clifftop, WV   ●   38.00357, -80.95045

Enjoy stunning views of the many layers of cascading waters at Mann’s Creek Falls in Babcock State Park. Begin your journey at the Narrow Gauge trailhead located on the service road below the park’s campground. The sounds made by the tiny, but mighty, falls plummeting into the stream below makes for a soothing experience after getting some steps in on the Narrow Gauge Trail.

Sugar Camp Run Falls

Clifftop, WV   ●   37.97985, -80.94676

Sugar Camp Run Falls is one of a handful of beautiful waterfalls at Babcock State Park. Water rushes between several angular boulders, creating a unique flow – especially after heavy rainfall. Parking in the historic Glade Creek Grist Mill lot provides easy access to the Old Sewell Trail. Let the scenic trail guide you to this natural beauty and become one with the serenity of Sugar Camp Run Falls.

Flanagan Branch Falls

Clifftop, WV   ●   37.97985, -80.94676

Flanagan Branch Falls is another gem tucked away on the Old Sewell Trail at the beautiful Babcock State Park. To start your adventure, park near the historic Glade Creek Grist Mill and begin your waterfall trek on the Old Sewell Trail. Watch the water glide over the smooth river rock and gradually spread out from a narrow peak. Flanagan Branch Falls is another reason to visit one of Almost Heaven’s most beautiful state parks.

Tucker Falls

Core, WV   ●   39.71511, -80.11178

Located at Mason-Dixon Historical Park near Morgantown, Tucker Falls is a 14-foot hidden gem. This charming little park borders the Mason-Dixon line, making Tucker Falls one of the most northern waterfalls in Almost Heaven. Take a stroll along the banks of Dunkard Creek on Green Trail and cross over to Orange Trail for a combined one-mile walk. As you approach this Mountaineer Country cascade, your ears will pick up its soothing water sounds from the end of Orange Trail.

Loopemount Waterfall

Lewisburg, WV   ●   37.82319, -80.36165

Located near mile-marker 8.1 on the 78-mile Greenbrier River Trail, the Loopemount Waterfall is a hidden gem within a thick, peaceful forest. Park near the Harper Road trailhead and trek north 2 miles along the lush rail trail to find this Greenbrier County gem. This spot’s wide water flow is the strongest during the springtime, but you can discover a gentle stream during the warmer months. Surround yourself with the fresh air and enjoy one of the most remote waterfalls in Almost Heaven.

If your craving for waterfall-chasing isn’t met after these nine magnificent cascades, be sure to continue your adventure along the West Virginia Waterfall Trail. Don’t forget that you can win prizes as you check in to featured waterfalls!

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