The Ultimate Fall Event: Bridge Day 2023

October 2, 2023

West Virginia’s largest single-day festival, Bridge Day, is when thousands gather to watch daredevils jump off the iconic New River Gorge Bridge into the beautiful canyon below. The bridge is closed to through traffic every third Saturday in October and welcomes hundreds of food and craft vendors to line the road.

While tandem BASE jumping is only offered to experienced professionals, the high-line is open to guests wanting a thrill for themselves. The guided tour begins on the catwalk beneath the 876-foot-high bridge. Participants will receive a high line orientation and safety briefing and are outfitted with safety harnesses and helmets. High line riders will drop 300 vertical feet while sliding 700 feet down to Fayette Station Road below. Unlike a regular zipline, your speed of descent is controlled by a belayer to allow for a more leisurely pace. So you’ll have more time to take the jaw-dropping views and stunning fall color, if you prefer a slower pace.

For those looking for a more relaxing day, browse the bridge lined with delicious food and unique gifts, watching others make the plunge below. Explore more Bridge Day details to plan your trip, including shuttle schedules, FAQs and more.

For more activities outside of bridge day, escape to some hiking trails within the nation’s newest national park or visit nearby Fayetteville, voted one of America’s coolest small towns. Extend your day into a stay to experience local outfitters offering exciting adventures like rock climbing, mountain biking, zip lining and whitewater rafting.

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