These Off-Roading Trails Are Even Better in Winter

January 22, 2024

If you like catching some speed or kicking up dirt with your ATV, you will love blazing through the powdery snow in West Virginia this winter! Southern West Virginia is home to more than a thousand miles of world-class off-roading trails via the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System.

This trail system is open year-round and boasts some of the most thrilling, yet serene paths you could ever tackle. Whether you’re looking to climb up your speedometer or you want to crawl your way over the terrain, there are paths for riders of all experience levels.

So bundle up, unload your trailer and take a ride on one of these incredible off-roading trails this season.

Devil Anse

The Devil Anse Trail System connects Rockhouse and Buffalo Mountain trails, which offer over 300 miles of off-roading. Find the trailhead in Matewan and you’ll be on your way. Historically, this area has been the heart of the trail system, providing easy access to fuel, food, and lodging. One of the many perks of this community is that the roads and businesses are also ATV friendly. Devil Anse ATV Resort is a full service resort that will make your multi-day off-roading adventure a true getaway.

Buffalo Mountain

Known as the most historic trail system, Buffalo Mountain has three community connectors providing direct access to ATV-friendly towns Matewan, Williamson and Delbarton. This trail system has a plethora of single-track trails for people riding dirt bikes. While you’re near these ATV-friendly towns, warm up from the cold and brief up on local history in the Matewan Depot Replica Museum and the Hatfield-McCoy Country Museum.


Bearwallow is one of the original three systems of the Hatfield-McCoy Trails, which is near the ATV-friendly town of Logan. This system is known for its single track and challenging trails, but it also has a generous mix of easy-riding scenic vistas. The array of slope angles and difficulty levels makes Bearwallow one of the most popular Hatfield-McCoy Trails. Bearwallow is the only trail that is open to ORVs as well as ATVs, UTVs and off-road motorcycles.


Pocahontas Trail System links up to Indian Ridge and Pinnacle Creek – making for the most continuous miles of trails east of the Mississippi. The trailhead is located in Coaldale, which is close to Bramwell. The trail system, like most others, has easy access to fuel, food and lodging along the way.

Pinnacle Creek

Pinnacle Creek has direct connections to the ATV-friendly towns of Mullens and Pineville. Enjoy riding with breathtaking scenic views on every turn and proximity to world-class whitewater rafting less than an hour away. This system also connects to Indian Ridge and Pocahontas, which allow extended off-road trips. This trail system has direct access to gas, food and lodging. After a day of riding, head over to the neighboring Twin Falls State Park, which is a relaxing spot to view peaceful waterfalls and beautiful scenery.


Rockhouse has more than 100 trails for off-roading adventures. Traverse a wide variety of trails at all difficulty levels. This system is especially popular with riders looking for an extreme riding experience. With direct access to the ATV-friendly towns of Man and Gilbert, transportation to your next activity comes with the convenience of not having to switch back to your car.

Indian Ridge

Located near Ashland in McDowell County, Indian Ridge offers a variety of trails of all difficulty levels. Take advantage of community access to the ATV-friendly towns of Northfork and Keystone. Nearby communities offer gas, food and lodging. This trail system also connects with two other Hatfield-McCoy Trail Systems: Pinnacle Creek and Pocahontas.


The Warrior Trail System is located in the city of War which is West Virginia’s most southern city. This trail system also accesses the ATV-friendly city, Gary. The Warrior Trail System offers numerous scenic views and has direct access to gas, foods and lodging. From snow-kicking trail blazes to laid back cruises, Warrior has a West Virginia off-roading adventure waiting for your ATV.

Winter Off-Roading Tips

  • Check the weather forecast multiple times in the days before you hit the trails. If the forecast shows heavy snow or if the snow already on the ground comes up to your ATV’s undercarriage, it may be best to wait for a clearer day.
  • Wear thermal and waterproof clothing – even using an enclosed, heated UTV.
  • Bring a first-aid kit in case of injury or emergency
  • Snow may cover trail hazards, such as frozen-over potholes and tree branches. If you don’t know the trail very well, take your time and use it as an opportunity to enjoy the local scenery.
  • Since riding in the winter isn’t as popular, some local businesses may be closed for the season. Keep an eye out for deals and discounts offered by lodging companies.

Your winter adventures in Almost Heaven are just getting started. Request a free West Virginia Vacation Guide for more ideas to embrace the chilly weather!

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