Discover Your Dream Vacation, For FREE!

Welcome to Timeshare For Free, a unique opportunity brought to you by Complete Travel. Here, we believe in turning vacation dreams into reality, without the burden of cost.

How Does It Work?

At Timeshare For Free, we specialize in connecting you with luxury timeshare properties – absolutely free. Our journey began as a specialized service under Complete Transfers, where we mastered the art of liberating individuals from their timeshare obligations. Leveraging our extensive network of industry developers and resorts, we’ve become the go-to matchmakers in the timeshare world.

Sometimes, a perfect match isn’t immediately available for a property in our portfolio. That’s where Timeshare For Free shines. We offer these unmatched properties to you, free of charge. From exotic beachfront resorts to serene mountain retreats, our inventory is a treasure trove of vacation opportunities.


Why Free?

You might wonder, “What’s the catch?” The truth is, there isn’t one. Our business thrives on creating perfect matches between timeshare properties and new owners. When a direct match isn’t found, these properties become a part of Timeshare For Free. It’s our way of ensuring every timeshare finds its ideal owner, while offering you a cost-free solution to owning your piece of paradise.


Complete Peace of Mind

We handle all the complexities for you. From paperwork to legalities, our partnership with Sterling Title, a renowned name in real estate, guarantees a seamless and trustworthy transfer process. Your only task? To choose the property that speaks to you.


Ready to Explore?

Take the first step towards your dream vacation. Browse our Free Inventory and select your ideal timeshare, all at no cost. It’s not too good to be true – it’s just our way of reshaping the timeshare experience.