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I Don't Use My Timeshare Anymore...Do I Have Options?

Timeshare transfers are called by many things. When someone wants out of their timeshare, many will go to a transfer company, a cancellation company, a “consumer advocate” or one of many other names.

Some of these companies charge between $7,000 and $15,000 or more, to absolve you of your obligation. The TRUTH is that most of the time, the cost is nothing near that, and on some occasions, the resorts will take back the property for free or for a small fee. But very few transfer companies will tell you that.

Like many things in life, you just need to know who to speak to. We have compiled a list of resorts that actively take back timeshare from owners. Some for free, some for a small fee, but almost none with the type of fee you may pay to a 3rd party. Again, there is no guarantee the resort will take it back, but this should be your first angle before looking to alternatives.

Here's Our Current List Of Timeshare Resorts That Will Take Back A Timeshare:

84 Main Resorts 
Alpine Crest
Aspen Townhomes
Atrium Resort
Beachcomber Inn
Branson Nantucket
Briarwood Resorts
Courtyard Resort
Dover House 

First Fairway at Walden 
Fox Hills 
French Lick
ICS Management (Case by case)
Legacy Resorts (Case by case)
Orange Lake (Case by case)
Sanctuary Lodge
Shell Ovations (Case by case)
Waterside Resort

Remember, resorts seem to change their prices and protocol on a daily basis, so we will try to keep up with the changes. To receive updated information about YOUR resort you can reach out to us by clicking HERE, we can do a little digging and uncover your options.

I Want To Do It Myself!

“Great news! While it’s not always straightforward, self-managing your timeshare transfer is achievable, even without resort intervention. To guide you through this process, we’ve transformed our offering into an online course. Developed by seasoned transfer professionals with a combined 150+ years in the industry, this course provides detailed insights and step-by-step instructions they use to facilitate timeshare transfers.

Now available for just $49, this comprehensive online course empowers you with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively manage your timeshare. The investment not only offers potential savings but also the opportunity to reclaim some of your funds. Plus, to ensure you’re fully supported, your purchase includes a complimentary 15-minute consultation call to address any questions you might have.

Click HERE to access the course and start your timeshare transfer journey today!”

Are There Any Inexpensive & Reliable Transfer Companies?

In recent years, the timeshare cancellation industry has seen significant changes. Prominent companies like Timeshare Exit Team and Sumday Vacations, as well as major law firms like Castle Law, have ceased operations due to intense legal challenges from resort developers. This upheaval highlights the complexities involved in timeshare cancellation.

It’s important to understand that paying a cancellation company an amount equivalent to several years’ worth of maintenance fees, while still covering your ongoing fees, is far from ideal.

In light of this, we suggest considering our partner, Complete Transfers. They collaborate closely with Boca Raton Timeshare Transfers, LLC — an A+ rated company by the Better Business Bureau — and Sterling Title Partners, a highly respected title firm in the industry. They specialize in efficient timeshare transfers.

Complete Transfers offers services at a fixed rate, clearly displayed on their website, plus any resort-specific transfer fees. Notably, their rates are among the most competitive in the market. Additionally, they offer various options for relinquishing your timeshare, tailored to your needs.

For more information, visit CompleteTransfers.net. Their approach is straightforward and hassle-free: simply inform them about your resort, and they’ll outline your options, timelines, responsibilities, and costs — all of which you can review on their website before any conversation. With Complete Transfers, you experience a no-pressure, transparent process.