Wellness in Wyoming: A Guide to Replenishing Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Wellness in Wyoming: A Guide to Replenishing Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Filled with breathtaking scenery, teeming with wildlife and sparsely populated, Wyoming is a natural refuge from the stress and worry of modern life. Wyoming resorts and wellness retreats are readily available ways to tap into the state’s boundless resources and replenish your body, mind and spirit.

Here are just some of the countless ways to pursue wellness in Wyoming.

Discover the Healing Power of Hot Springs

Wellness in Wyoming: A Guide to Replenishing Your Body, Mind and Spirit

The natural hot springs in Wyoming have long been cherished for their soothing and medicinal properties and are a popular way to relax and unwind. These geothermal waters, rich in minerals, are believed to offer health benefits like improved circulation and stress relief. Several opportunities exist throughout the state to enjoy natural hot springs. Notable hot springs include:

Hot Springs State Park in Thermopolis: Known for being one of the largest hot springs in the world, it offers both public bathhouses and private soaking options.

Granite Hot Springs Pool near Jackson: In winter, this pool is accessible via a scenic drive or snowmobile journey and sits in a stunning mountainous backdrop.

Saratoga Hot Springs Resort in Saratoga: A resort experience where visitors can enjoy not only the therapeutic waters but also accommodations and other amenities.

Saratoga Hobo Hot Pool in Saratoga: A no-cost option that offers a more rustic experience, popular among locals and tourists alike.

Each location offers unique settings and facilities, catering to those looking for either a luxurious soak or a more natural experience.

Connect with Nature Through Fly Fishing

Wellness in Wyoming: A Guide to Replenishing Your Body, Mind and Spirit

The tranquil water and abundant wildlife along Wyoming’s more than 27,000 miles of rivers and streams make fly-fishing in Wyoming an inviting way to connect with nature. Numerous outfitters and guide services are available to assist throughout the state. Central Wyoming’s Miracle Mile section of the North Platte River is one of the state’s most popular trout fishing destinations. Guide services, including Wyoming Fly Fishing and Grey Reef Anglers in Casper and The Reef Fly Shop in Alcova, can help navigate this section of blue-ribbon fishing. Other popular fly-fishing locations and outfitters include:

  • Sheridan: Craft your own fly rod with Joey’s Fly Fishing Foundation, and afterward, head out to locations like The South Tongue to put your new rod to the test. 
  • Laramie: Explore the Snowy Range for pristine lakes teeming with brook trout, or discover hidden streams filled with vibrant rainbows and elusive browns.
  • Dubois: Dubois offers true wilderness exploration. The mighty Wind River and its secrets are yours to unlock. Cast for feisty cutthroats and brook trout, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. Get fourth-generation fly-fishing expertise from local experts like those found at Dunoir Fishing Adventures.
  • Casper: Wade through the revitalized downtown, casting your line amidst a charming cityscape. The Ugly Bug Fly Shop has clinics that are aimed at empowering women and girls to embrace the sport.

Achieve Mindfulness Through Yoga

Wellness in Wyoming: A Guide to Replenishing Your Body, Mind and Spirit

The best resorts in Wyoming offer yoga classes, often with a Western flair, blending traditional practices with the state’s rugged charm. From yurt yoga sessions to hikes and cliffside classes, these resorts provide unique experiences that incorporate Wyoming’s stunning natural landscapes. Guests can enjoy yoga integrated with lessons on local ecology and wildlife, participate in wellness retreats that include daily meditation or even practice yoga alongside horses. These distinctive offerings make Wyoming’s resorts a haven for those seeking a holistic approach to wellness and relaxation.

  • Brush Creek Ranch: Unwind and reconnect with nature at Falcon Peak Overlook, Brush Creek Ranch’s chic fitness center, with yurt yoga, yoga hikes and cliffside yoga classes. Immerse yourself in breathtaking views as you meditate, overlooking tens of thousands of acres of wilderness soaring 7,600 feet below. Indulge in everything from wine adventures with innovators to delicious culinary retreats at one of Wyoming’s most luxe resorts. 
  • After a spectacular day of adventures, restore your spirit with valley sounds to the tune of tranquility at the Schoolhouse, where Hatha and Vinyasa-style yoga sessions will feel soul-invigorating at Falcon’s Peak Overlook and Magee Homestead’s yoga yurt.  
  • Spring Creek Ranch: Participate in morning yoga hikes in Jackson that include lessons about the area’s ecology and wildlife. Imagine the restorative wonders of a Signature Spa Experience at one of the best resorts in Wyoming, where after mud-bubbling in a Teton Forest Massage mineral scrub, the spa specialists will wrap you in a full-body White Pine and Basil massage. This wildlife sanctuary soars close to 1,000 feet atop Jackson, bringing you views of the magnificent 13,700-foot Grand Teton. 
  • Bear Basin Adventures: Enjoy a ladies’ getaway with daily yoga and meditation, plus hiking, fishing, and horseback riding.
  • Black Tooth Excursions: Savor the rugged splendor of Wyoming wildlife with Mountain Magnolia Yoga, where a local 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher will teach you the art of awakening your soul. Camp begins on Friday; then, stay to stretch throughout an unforgettable Wyoming Yoga Retreat weekend for three days and two nights of all-inclusive wonders.  
  • Serenity Wellness Retreat: Practice equine yoga in the Labyrinth, connecting with horses through breathing and stretching exercises. There’s nothing quite like relaxation, release and renewal at the foot of the Bighorn Mountains. From Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa Flow to Pranayama Breathing, let your fears go as you energetically connect with a beautiful horse in the Cowboy State. 
  • Medicine Wheel Wellness: Regain strength in your core with therapeutic exercise as you balance mind, body and spirit with empowering yoga and meditation. 

Embrace Adventure on Horseback

Wellness in Wyoming: A Guide to Replenishing Your Body, Mind and Spirit
Thoman women on horses

Horses remain core to Western culture and are common companions in adventures offered at resort ranches throughout the state.

“What makes Wyoming so great for wellness trips is obviously the landscape and all the lack of people, which gives way to true peace and quiet and a rejuvenating environment. There are so many great outdoor activities in the winter and summer. You can do epic hikes, ride hundreds of miles of gravel roads on your bicycle or motorcycle or relax in some of the higher-end, spa-type resorts,”

Co-owner of Boyer YL Ranch, Kimberly Coats


  • Brush Creek Ranch: Offers 55 miles of trails and a 28,000-square-foot equestrian arena. Activities include private horseback riding lessons, trail rides, cattle drives and other equestrian activities suitable for all skill levels.
  • Diamond 4 Ranch: Located in Lander, this ranch provides vacation packages that include daily horseback riding, trout fishing, hiking and wildlife viewing.
  • Blue Sky Sage: Situated in Big Piney, this ranch focuses on healing, health and serenity through horseback riding clinics and retreats.
  • The Boyer YL Ranch: This ranch’s highlight is its rejuvenating environment, which offers a variety of outdoor activities, such as epic hikes, gravel road biking and relaxing stays at higher-end, spa-type resorts.

Specialized Riding Experiences

  • Cattle Drives: Participate in authentic cattle drives, allowing guests to experience the traditional cowboy lifestyle.
  • Overnight Pack Trips: Immerse yourself in the wilderness with guided overnight pack trips, combining horseback riding with camping under the stars. Venture into the Big Horn Mountains for a true Western adventure as llamas and goats lead you through the rugged expanse.  
  • Themed Excursions: Enjoy themed excursions that highlight different aspects of Western culture and horsemanship.

Rejuvenate with Spa Treatments and Therapeutic Massage

Wellness in Wyoming: A Guide to Replenishing Your Body, Mind and Spirit

The magic of wellness beckons relaxation-seekers to ride into Wyoming to experience hot spring soaks, mountain yoga stretches and spa days in fresh air, while feeling rooted in the marvels around them. It’s no wonder so many adventurers daydream of their getaways here, where each local spa infuses natural elements to create a scenic oasis—absolute serenity for any guest searching for that soul-kindling retreat. 

Deep tissue massage is just what a weary traveler needs to ease the inflammation of old injuries, unwind knots in muscles and allow an incredible release for renewed mobility. If you’re feeling stiff, a Swedish massage while overlooking stunning Wyoming views will deliver optimal relief (and oohs and ahhs for the picture-worthy scenes). 
Let all the anxiety and stress of the everyday fade as you experience the power of effective, masterful acupuncture. Travelers looking to be pampered at the best resorts in Wyoming can find a broad selection of full-service spas throughout the state.

  • Amangani: This luxurious spa offers a comprehensive menu of services, including massage, acupuncture, Ayurveda, Shirodhara, Reiki, Chakra balancing and sound therapy. Visitors can enjoy a holistic approach to wellness in a serene setting.

Emerge from sound therapy with sharper mental clarity than before your glimmering travels. Feel the vitality of life pulsing through your veins after the incredible alignment of Chakra balancing. Witness firsthand the universal charge of healing coursing through you until any discomfort in your body finds emotional releases—stress deeply unwound. If you’re having trouble sleeping, after the beautiful balancing of Shirodhara, get ready for a restful night of REM sleep, relaxed beyond the barriers of the everyday. 

  • Four Seasons Spa at Spring Creek Ranch: Guests can indulge in soul readings, body wraps, massages and facials, making it a perfect retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation. Set toxins free as you walk away from holistic tranquility, with every cell and fiber of your being feeling wholly refreshed. 
  • Trailhead Spa and The Spa at Magee Homestead at Brush Creek Ranch: These spas provide a full range of services, such as massages, body wraps, facials, sauna, steam room, and hot tub ensuring a complete wellness experience. Allow those upbeat endorphins to rise as you feel the simmering steam soothing your system from the inside out. Step out with the softest glowiest skin after finding healing in this Wyoming wellness retreat. 
  • Snow King Resort: Lean into the delight of the marvelous Grand View Spa as its in-depth signature options range from restorative, ache-relieving body treatments to transformative facial treatments led by expert estheticians. Find true vacation confidence after you feel your skin come alive, infused with powerful natural minerals. 

This resort offers dedicated accessibility in its range of services, so travelers of all abilities can enjoy the joys of Jackson Hole’s biggest, full-service resort and spa. From a visual door knocker and telephone signaler to a front desk that’s fully accessible by wheelchairs, complete with a lowered shelf that’s readily available to use, discover exceptional flexibility and support in every direction.

Discover Healthy Cuisine in Farm-to-Table Dining

Wellness in Wyoming: A Guide to Replenishing Your Body, Mind and Spirit

There is something delicious and extraordinary about local, sustainable delicacies across the Cowboy State. Chefs and restaurateurs strive to leverage the freshest ingredients in their culinary masterpieces. Wyoming’s culinary community cares about giving back to the source in which the tastes begin, supporting the farmers who foster phenomenal seasonal produce. 

When you venture to Wyoming, you won’t just see it—you’ll taste it in the specially made farm-to-table dishes before you. Every taste captures the heart and grit of that Western soul. The free-range meats feel good to eat precisely because of where they come from—a grass-fed, pasture-raised agricultural environment. When these flavors make it to your table, you’re dining on the finest quality meat, high in protein and jam-packed with iron-rich decadence.

Wyoming’s Healthy Places to Eat

Wellness in Wyoming: A Guide to Replenishing Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Wellness trips can spark shifts in diet to more healthful eating by immersing travelers in environments emphasizing the benefits of nutritious, locally sourced foods. These trips often introduce individuals to fresh, farm-to-table produce, organic meats and traditional recipes that support overall well-being.

By experiencing meals crafted from sustainable ingredients and tailored to enhance physical and mental health, visitors are inspired to adopt healthier eating habits long after their journey ends. Embracing wellness-oriented dining can lead to lasting positive changes in one’s lifestyle and dietary choices.

  • The Cookhouse at the TA Guest Ranch: Wait ’til you try these pork ribs dipped in a sweet kickin’ habanero apricot BBQ sauce. Every ingredient marries together in a symphony of Western swagger—where Frenched lamb pops with the tartness of cherry and the freshness of mint, swirled beautifully together in a rosemary sauce. There’s even a Jackfruit burger for the vegetarians (get it with the seasoned and spiced corn riblets). With an ever-changing menu, enjoy a creative selection of soul-elevated eats that always feels new in every magnificent bite.   
  • Cheyenne Club at Brush Creek Ranch: This is dining sophistication on another level. Get ready to be wowed by the Cheyenne Club classics from Wagyu beef that will have you craving seconds to incredible seafood—freshly sourced and divine. Then, tour 500+ wine varieties from across the world when you enter the Brush Creek Cellar. 
  • Vertical Harvest Farms: As you overlook the Teton Mountains, tour downtown Jackson, where you’ll find the first hydroponic vertical greenhouse in the Northern Hemisphere. Soaring three stories tall, this multi-crop growing space ensures that 80+ groceries and restaurants across three states are able to craft with optimal flavors, nutritionally enriched, all year long. Get ready to find vibrant lettuce, microgreens and tomatoes that taste like authentic Western wonder in every morsel.  

Cooking Your Own Wyoming Recipes (The UCross Way)

Find wellness in the beauty of Wyoming’s flavor profiles—take a page right out of the essential cookbook, where Cindy Brooks, head chef at the Ucross Foundation, infuses every recipe with the bold spirit of the High Plains. Brooks witnesses the experimentation and exploration of creative masterwork that sizzles in Wyoming’s famed artist residency program. 

Ucross inspires brilliant minds, where artists feel the magic of 20,000 historic acres of beautiful ranchland and have gone on to dream up beloved works like Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love. Brooks co-authored The Ucross Cookbook: Cooking for Artists on a Wyoming Ranch with her friend and fellow Ucross alumna, Cree LeFavour, looking to honor the fearlessness of the American West and the joyful creativity that races across the ranch. 

Discover 76 recipes made for visitors to take home as an exciting culinary purchase after exploring the wide-open spaces near the bright Bighorn Mountains. Return from your adventures ready to unleash your own spin on all of the tasty, nourishing flavors of the majestic ranch. 

Mountain Sports and Nature’s Embrace

Wellness in Wyoming: A Guide to Replenishing Your Body, Mind and Spirit
Photo Credit: Wyoming Office of Tourism

Opportunities for alpine and cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, mountain biking, boating, rock climbing, nature hikes, guided tours, camping and more are abundant in Wyoming. The state offers millions of acres of outdoor activities throughout its eight national forests, recreational areas, monuments and about a dozen state parks. Yellowstone National Park covers more than 3,470 square miles, including more than 600 lakes and ponds and about 2,500 miles of rivers and streams. Grand Teton National Park spans 485 square miles and includes the Snake River and six lakes.  

Jeremy Belnap, proprietor of Magee Homestead at Brush Creek Ranch near Saratoga, encourages visitors to step out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves to do something they’ve never experienced before. This often leaves people feeling energized and with an overall positive outlook on life. 

“When we look at overall wellness, we believe horseback riding is very connecting,” Belnap said. “Fly fishing and being on the river with no one around can be meditative. Yoga in the mountains is another avenue of wellness.  These hobbies and activities are just great for your overall physical and mental wellness. Then there are more traditional fitness and wellness methods, including trail running in the million-acre Medicine Bow National Forest with great opportunity for elevation change.”

Winter Escapes & Activities

Wellness in Wyoming: A Guide to Replenishing Your Body, Mind and Spirit

If you think Wyoming is a golden playground for dazzling adventure in the summertime, just wait for an enchanted winter escape, where snow-covered frost dusts plains, parks and forests.

Cross-Country Skiing

Practice mindfulness anchored in Wyoming’s snow-covered wonderland and feel the meditative rhythm as you ski, gliding through the quiet of stunning, diverse trails. Become aware of your surroundings as you float into epic mountains, powdered snow shining as far as the eye can see—get ready to feel the ultimate boost of spirit.   

For the bold adventurers, prepare to bring a set of wide backcountry skis and adjustable poles for rugged trails at Bridger-Teton National Forest, Yellowstone National Park and Medicine Bow National Forest. Wear insulated, water-resistant gloves or mittens to warm your hands and a hat or headband to protect your head and ears from the air, as the breeze can whistle with a chill while you’re vaulting at high velocity. 

Zoom through on groomed trails utilizing skate skis and poles, wearing goggles or sunglasses to protect your eyes as the bright Western sun beams atop the bright snow. Wearing a mid-layer is beneficial—it offers the warmth of lightweight fleece without weighing you down as you glide across groomed trails throughout Jackson Hole, Grand Targhee Resort and Snow King Mountain. Keep about $10 to $20 in your back pocket for a daily pass if you’re angling a winter adventure up exquisitely maintained peaks.


One of the top winter activities on a Wyoming getaway is snowshoeing in all its low-impact, gentle-on-the-joints glory. Immerse yourself in winter Western delight without the fear of falling in a safe, balance-savvy activity for all ages and fitness enthusiasts. 

 Know your surrounding areas and check the weather if you’re exploring areas prone to avalanches in wintertime. From awareness courses to advanced training, learn how to find routes mid-avalanche along with crucial rescue techniques—because it never hurts to feel prepared ahead of time, ready to evaluate a snowpack. Carry a first aid kit with you and other essentials like fire-starting resources and avalanche safety gear.

Navigate flat terrain in recreational trail snowshoes or explore rolling hills and beautiful inclines in all-around snowshoes. For mountain lovers, bring your backcountry snowshoes, specially made to handle heavy snow packed against steep, slippery and wild lands. For those ready to race through the West, running snowshoes are just what you need to give you that push for speed and agility, empowering lightweight leaps with ease of traction. 

Go for the four-pronged approach with layers, adding on thermal wear for your base, an insulated jacket for mid-layer warmth, waterproof, breathable outerwear, and cozy accessories like a neck gaiter for an added layer of comfort against brisk winds.


Experience an adrenaline rush as you take a snowmobile whooshing across gorgeous plains and dense forests, deep in the crisp magic of Wyoming’s soul-rejuvenating sights—the awe-inspiring Tetons towering at a distance.

Come prepared with the special permits you need for your adventures across Wyoming’s spectacular parks. For any snowmobile running in Wyoming, you can purchase a $35 permit ahead of time through the Wyoming State Trails Program website or in person upon arrival through vendors or Wyoming State Parks offices. This permit will also allow you access to all trails within the Bridger-Teton National Forest at no additional expense. 

If you’re riding a snowmobile, make sure it meets BAT standards, honoring regulations for emissions and noise. Additionally, if you’re operating the snowmobile, complete your Yellowstone Snowmobile Education Certification ahead of your adventure.

Fat Biking

Uplevel the thrill factor on your Wyoming adventure with the unpredictable leaps of fat biking. Experience core strengthening on a whole new level as you test your endurance and engage every muscle with high-intensity delight—finding your way to inspired balance and strength along the wonder-filled snowy terrain. 

Explore specially designated trails made for unforgettable fat biking experiences in areas like Jackson Hole, Laramie and Cody, each with stores that offer the ability to rent or purchase your fat bikes. Check out stores like Hoback Sports and Teton Mountain Bike Tours in Jackson. For a fat biking adventure that takes you to Laramie, chat with store officials at All Terrain Sports and Pedal House. In Cody, walk into Absaroka Bikes and Sunlight Sports to browse their fat bike rentals and assorted cycling gear selections. 

Keeping your tire pressure low (ideally between 5 and 10 PSI) will be to your advantage, helping you dial up traction for the ultimate floating-on-snow memories. Moisture-wicking, breathable layers and insulated water bottles will be key to helping you stay hydrated. Remember to pace yourself as you opt for gentle movements with eyes on sustaining balance and control along the enchanting trails.

Encounter Wyoming’s Majestic Wildlife

Wellness in Wyoming: A Guide to Replenishing Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Walk across the sprawling plains and grasslands of the American West, where you’ll see pronghorn antelope bounding up to 60 miles per hour, a safe snapshot away. From beautiful bison moving through the National Elk Refuge and sandhill cranes walking in the wetlands to golden eagles soaring above the rivers where otters splash, the scenes of Wyoming wildlife will leave your spirit reinvigorated—glad for the extraordinary getaway. 

Discover all kinds of exciting wildlife excursions, from bird-watching on daytime safaris to stargazing tours, where you can see nocturnal wildlife beneath clear, shimmering skies. Take a self-guided adventure with a park map in hand, or watch wildlife on scenic byways from the comfort of your own set of wheels. The American wilderness in Wyoming will captivate you at every turn with diverse, magnificent species, habitats and sights. 

Respect the beautiful habitats around you by storing food in bear-proof containers and packing out any trash that might get left behind. Wear your most comfortable hiking footwear, bring a pair of binoculars for safe wildlife viewing and stay on marked trails. 

Witness nature’s oasis, from bustling summer meadows to wolf winters, walking through snow-covered Yellowstone. Whether you’re here in the springtime and witness birds fluttering as they migrate, returning to the land or catching the autumn leaves turning as grizzly bears prepare to hibernate, every season blooms with its own magic.

Wellness in Wyoming: A Guide to Replenishing Your Body, Mind and Spirit

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