West Virginia Waterfalls to Explore this Winter

November 3, 2023

The charming nature of Almost Heaven’s waterfalls make winters here so special. Exploring these cascades provides the perfect excuse to keep your hiking boots next to your daily sneakers. With the help of the West Virginia Waterfall Trail, you will find the perfect winter waterfalls with ease – and increase your chances of winning exclusive prizes.

This winter, become a waterfall wanderer and witness the beauty hidden during the warmer months.

Blackwater Falls

Davis, West Virginia

Located in the heart of Tucker County, Blackwater Falls is famous for its rugged beauty and tannic-tinted water. Watch the cold cascades crash down the 57-foot drop and enjoy the constant, relaxing sound of roaring waters. You will get the best view from the overlook, which is just a short walk down the steps of the walkway. This an excellent wintertime adventure for you and your family at Blackwater Falls State Park in Davis.

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Elakala Falls

Davis, West Virginia

Elakala Falls is another must-visit waterfall in the charming town of Davis. Hemlock-stained waters pour over staggered rocks into a series of four waterfalls – boasting a distinctive red hue. Follow the Elakala Trail and make your way toward the first falls along the wooden bridge. Depending on the temperatures, you may even spot a few large waterfall icicles.

Glade Creek Falls

Beaver, West Virginia

Along Glade Creek Trail within the New River Gorge National Park & Preserve, Glade Creek Falls is a beautiful spot during the wintertime. Sandstone ledges create a scenic surface for water to rush over, which boasts a peaceful view from the trail. If it’s cold enough, you will see some stunning icicles formed by the falls, which create a beautiful backdrop for your #AlmostHeaven pictures. Experience the winter wonderland-like scenery of Glade Creek Falls during your visit to Almost Heaven this winter.

Cathedral Falls

Gauley Bridge, West Virginia

Cathedral Falls in Gauley Bridge is one of the highest and most photogenic waterfalls in Almost Heaven. At just under a 30-minute drive away from Fayetteville, this is in close proximity to the town’s charming shops and restaurants while being remote enough for you to evade the hustle and bustle. Access is easy as there is a parking lot and a pull-off area along Route 60 with the falls just steps away from the road. Cathedral Falls on a snowy day reveals descending layers of rock formations that are not as noticeable during the warmer months.

Valley Falls

Fairmont, West Virginia

In the serene wilderness of Fairmont, Valley Falls in Marion County is the perfect spot to take in some frosty falls. Giant rock faces and formations create a 10-foot drop with water rushing its way between all the small and larger gaps. For nature lovers and new waterfall wanderers alike, the combination of splashing whitewater and snow-covered trees creates the ultimate winter paradise.

Glade Creek Grist Mill Falls

Clifftop, West Virginia

Babcock State Park is one of the most photographed destinations in Almost Heaven, and Glade Creek Grist Mill Falls is a photographer’s dream no matter what time of the year it is. A stone pathway will lead you to the cascades, and when it’s snowing, you can expect a setting straight out of a Christmas movie. No matter where you view the falls from, you’ll be amazed by the sight of cold cascades with a blanket of snow covering the large rocks and trees.

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