12 Free Things to Do with Kids in Wyoming

Planning a sunny family vacation? Then this memo is for you—Wyoming is the land of pure exhilaration. Imagine a world of incredible free things to do with your kids across Wyoming, where joyful memories await you. The Cowboy State is exactly where you want to go when you want an endless string of fun activities, unique experiences and extraordinary sights. Get ready for 12 free family activities that will light up your next getaway. 

12 Free Things to Do for Kids & Families

A family holds each other close as the father, who's wearing a baseball cap, points to a rainbow shining above them in the Wyoming sky.

Take your family to the home of the old frontier, where they can walk the lands of pioneers and cowboys, the heroes who once galloped into the sunset. On a glorious journey through the West, from tracing the footsteps of outlaw legends to exploring fairy houses, there’s no shortage of the free and the wondrous—browse our tips for all sorts of fun things to do with kids in Wyoming.

1. Sundance Town | Sundance, WY

12 Free Things to Do with Kids in Wyoming

Hit the road and rev into the famous small town that became a household name—Sundance, where Butch Cassidy, the Kid himself, rode off on a stolen horse. Dive deep into fascinating Wild West history, like on a Sip n Walk Historical Tour, where you can interact with classic figures from back in the day, all while holding a cold beer or lemonade—fun for the whole family. Not even 30 miles outside of Devils Tower, the beautiful Sundance town square is an ideal setting for a tasty bite (and some photo memories along the way). Top it all off with a snapshot with the Sundance Kid at the Crook County Museum. 

2. Independence Rock | Alcova, WY

The famous national landmark overlooks the landscape at the Independence Rock State Historic Site in Natrona County, Wyoming.

The famous landmark made of large granite rock - U.S. National Historic Landmark on the

As far as free family activities go, going to a natural landmark on the original Oregon Trail feels like it’s worth the trip. Head to Independence Rock and let your kids place their hands on all the names passing travelers have marked on the surface.  At 130 feet high, this historic granite once served as the breaking news for pioneers—show your family old school “texting.”

3. Free Fishing Day | Across Wyoming, First Saturday in June

A happy young boy wearing a baseball cap holds a fishing rod, ready to cast into the waters of Curt Gowdy State Park in Laramie County, Wyoming, as trees reflect in the water.

With 4,000+ lakes and reservoirs, one of the most spirited (and bonus: free!) things to do with your kids on your vacation to Wyoming is Free Fishing Day. Every year, the first Saturday in June beckons angling enthusiasts near and far to Wyoming, fishing without needing to invest in a fishing license for a once-a-year experience. While some fees may apply (contingent upon your casting location), you can hook some serious trophies in Laramie, Wyoming. Our recommendations—try the enchanting Glendo Reservoir or Flaming Gorge.

4. Occidental Hotel | Buffalo, WY

A look inside

A traveler’s favorite and one of the coolest free family activities in the West, the Occidental Hotel will have you feeling as if you’re walking back in time. Both Butch Cassidy and Calamity Jane strode the halls of this pillar of America’s Wild Western magic. It may not be free to rest your head overnight, but with so many original, restored pieces to see, even a stroll through the frontier halls feels exciting. For just a small fee per person, you can take your family on a tour, available by appointment.

5. Ayres Natural Bridge | Douglas, WY

A vibrant scene where the Ayres Natural Bridge has a stunning overlook in Douglas, Wyoming.

Not only is the Ayres Natural Bridge the perfect relaxing and quiet escape, but it’s also a guaranteed hit with your family. Consider the open yard, prime for running and playing, inviting you to explore enchanting fairy houses hidden in the woods. This is one of the most fun free things to do with your kids on your vacation to Wyoming. Another bonus—the striking natural geologic formation is always a major draw for families from all over the nation. 

6. Scenic Byways | Across Wyoming

A close-up on the sign signaling the Wind River Canyon Scenic Byway, north of Thermopolis in Wyoming—a byway that leads to the biggest mineral hot spring in the world, Hot Springs State Park.

Want to take in Wyoming’s beauty and experience the true Wild West in all of its epic glory? The scenic byways in the Cowboy State will have you catching your breath, wanting to slow down the drive just to take in every twist and turn through picture-worthy views. This is one of those free family activities that’ll have your kids’ eyes peeled to the windows, curious and on the edge of their seats between destinations. Choose from one of 21 scenic byways for breathtaking vistas along the drive.

7. Wyoming State Museum | Cheyenne, WY

Go for a visit to the Wyoming State Museum for a shared experience with your family. Among the incredible free things to do with your kids when exploring Wyoming’s brilliant history, this museum has it all—dinosaur fossils, special historic artifacts and stories to pour over, connecting you with the risk-takers who made Wyoming the majestic draw it is today.

Recommended Nearby: Cowgirls of the West Museum

A daring cowgirl statue, rope in hand as she rides a stone horse before you, welcomes you as you approach the Cowgirls of the West Museum. For a free family activity, come get inspired as you show your kids the courageous leading ladies of the Old West—where your kids can discover the lore of Sacajawea, an interpreter who empowered Lewis and Clark on their legendary expeditions.

8. Hobo Hot Springs | Saratoga, WY

A steamy glimpse of the Hobo Hot Springs, a free public bathhouse in Saratoga, Wyoming. Snow dusts the outside perimeter.

Take a dip with your family in a glittering natural hot spring, refreshed and revived in Saratoga, Wyoming. Free and open to locals and travelers alike, the Hobo Hot Springs leaves everyone who splashes in with a soulful soak to remember. Share the swirling heat of the world-renowned mineral hot springs—these mineral waters have beckoned wanderers for hundreds of years.

9. Fort Laramie Historical Site | Fort Laramie, WY

A cannon blows off smoke across the field as officials dressed in military outfits participate in a demonstration at the Fort Laramie Historical Site in Fort Laramie, Wyoming.

Visit the authentic location of the celebrated military post that helped emigrants, U.S. Army soldiers and Native Americans travel and meet as the West expanded—discover Fort Laramie Historic Site. This is one of the most iconic sights along the road of free things to do with your kids on your trip to Wyoming. This fort costs no admission and is open to the public with wonderful exhibits to explore.

10. Cheyenne’s Depot Plaza | Cheyenne, WY

A colorful scene at Cheyenne Depot Plaza, where a painted cowboy boot stands in the middle of the courtyard as vibrant trees bloom in the background before big clock tower.

Listen closely, and you can hear the rush of the “all aboard!” as you walk through Cheyenne’s Depot Plaza right into the museum and all its rugged, steam-whistling legacy. Take kids 12 and under at no charge for a free family activity that will have history racing to life. Come marvel inside the museum walls at America’s story of the railroad. 

11. Oregon Trail Ruts | Guernsey, WY

Tall green trees sway above the rock of the Oregon Trail Ruts in Guernsey, Wyoming.

The Oregon Trail Ruts are a captivating sight and a can’t-miss free thing to do when you take your kids to Wyoming. Located near Guernsey, Wyoming, the marks stand the test of time across history, and you can experience American lore carved deep into the hills of stone. Bring the family (including your beloved furry companion) along to Register Cliff, where you’ll see the old “chalkboard” that gleams with all kinds of travelers’ names. 

12. White Mountain Petroglyphs | Rock Springs, WY

A close-up of the markings on the White Mountain Petroglyphs in Rock Springs, Wyoming.

Families love coming to the White Mountain Petroglyphs, where you can take in history far beyond the books, all while reveling in nature’s triumphs. You’ve got to experience this standout rock art site in Wyoming. Kids will feel overjoyed when they can connect firsthand with handprints worn into the rock on the cliff centuries before them. A fabulous souvenir—your kids get to take home their own spin by crafting their own rubbings of the petroglyphs in Wyoming’s Red Desert!

Recommended Nearby: Boar’s Tusk

Step up 7,100 feet in the air as your kids stand atop the volcanic ground. Visit a hikers’ favorite landmark called the Boar’s Tusk, where you can catch Lamporite material that’s 2.5 million years old—amazed from a high-clearance vehicle.

Bonus: Hike One of Wyoming’s Incredible Nature Trails

A biker wearing a white helmet takes his mountain bike vaulting in the air as he experiences one of the rugged trails in Curt Gowdy State Park in Laramie County, Wyoming.

With its incredible national parks and monuments, Wyoming invites thrill-seekers from all walks of life. Come see vibrant pools, rugged mountain peaks and storied trails. Witness a local bison herd roam in the distance as you explore beneath the Western sun. Chase Curt Gowdy State Park’s 30 miles of high-adrenaline trails. Experience geothermal swirls of heat in Yellowstone. You and your family are going to leave wishing you could stay for just one more sparkling sight—one more run across hundreds of thousands of wide-open acres.

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