Pay These West Virginia Cryptids A Visit This Fall

October 26, 2023

West Virginia is known for its calming nature and beautiful landscapes, but legend has it that there have been several monster and cryptid sightings within the state’s rolling hills.

Whether you are a firm believer in cryptids or just a fan, you will enjoy driving to these towns and listening to the stories the locals have to share. With Halloween approaching, you may even see some costumes inspired by these mythical Mountain State monsters!

Pack your car and bring all your friends for the ultimate spooky crypids road trip. This is your guide to following the footprints of some of Almost Heaven’s most mysterious monsters.

The Mothman

The man, the moth, the legend. The Mothman is perhaps the most well-known cryptid in West Virginia. He has become a global sensation, earning recognition from major publications like Thrillest and others for his mysterious traits. Many sightings were reported in the town of Point Pleasant during the mid and late 1960s. On November 15, 1966, two young couples in Point Pleasant reported seeing a large, man-sized creature with wings and glowing red eyes. They claimed that the creature followed their vehicle as they left the “TNT area” on the outskirts of town.

On Dec. 15, 1967, the Silver Bridge connecting Point Pleasant to Gallipolis, Ohio, collapsed. Many pointed fingers at the Mothman for the collapse, but other residents were convinced that he was actually foreshadowing more danger to come.

Today, Point Pleasant is home to the Mothman Museum, which has the largest collection of props and memorabilia from the movie, “The Mothman Prophecies.” You will learn about the extensive research and history tied to this figure when you visit. Start your cryptids road trip here in Point Pleasant.

Fun fact: You may see cans of baked beans placed beside the Mothman statue outside. This is a reference to Fallout® 76, an action role-playing game featuring many West Virginia locations and figures – including the Mothman. Capture your one-of-a-kind #AlmostHeaven selfie with the Mothman himself!


Another Cryptid worth knowing about is the Sheepsquatch. Like the Mothman, Sheeopquatch was reported in Point Pleasant. This monster was also making headlines in the capital city of Charleston, which is just slightly over an hour’s drive along I-77 and Ripley Road. Sightings in the mid-1990s suggest the Sheepsquatch is a large, wooly white creature with a dog-like head and ram horns. There is speculation that it calls the TNT Area home.

During its initial sightings, Sheepsquatch seemed to have fled any encounters with humans and animals. Later, victims claimed they were attacked, but there were no physical signs of injuries or wounds. You can find Sheepsquatch lurking in Fallout® 76 with a similar appearance.

Flatwoods Monster

The Flatwoods Monster gets its name from Flatwoods, a town in Braxton County located about an hour northeast of Charleston along I-79. Sightings date back to 1952 when three children saw a bright object cross the sky and plummet near a large field. Witnesses describe the Flatwoods Monster’s appearance as a man-like figure with a round, red face surrounded by a pointed, hoodlike shape.

Other witnesses claimed that the monster had claw-like hands and a green appearance. Regardless of how the monster is described, you’d know if you saw him – and just happened to be in Flatwoods. While these sightings sound like top-tier Halloween movie material, the buzz around the Flatwoods Monster was diluted by a meteor sighting across West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania – which happened on the same night. Perhaps the legend of the Flatwoods Monster shall remain an echo in the town.

You can learn more about the Flatwoods Monster at the Flatwoods Monster Museum located on Main Street in downtown Sutton. There are unique collections and artifacts, historic items, memorabilia books and more to be explored.

The Grafton Monster

From Flatwoods, head north on I-79, take Route 279 and George Washington Highway to the small Taylor County town of Grafton. Described as a large, white or grey bipedal creature with no visible head, the Grafton Monster is a standout on the West Virginia cryptid list. The most recognition the monster ever received was when a local newspaper reporter allegedly spotted the monster in 1964 and published a story about his sighting. The Grafton Monster is relatively subtle as very few sightings, if any at all, have been reported since then.

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